True Grit

True Grit
True Grit


Avoid flame-retardant clothing. This designation indicates that clothing has been treated with chemicals that may be endocrine disruptors or carcinogens. Some flame retardants affect thyroid hormones and have been shown to cause reproductive harm and affect learning and behavior in animal studies.

Sign a national petition to remove toxic chemicals from furniture.

In a flame retardant study conducted in California, Silent Spring Institute researchers found 55 target chemicals, 41 of which appeared in at least half of the homes. These flame retardants included hormone disruptors, carcinogens, and chemicals with unknown safety profiles.

Chlorinated organophosphate flame retardants—including two (TCEP and TDCIPP or chlorinated “Tris”) listed as carcinogens under California’s Proposition 65—were found up to 0.01 percent in dust, higher than previously reported in the United States.

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