Bringing Up Baby

Bringing Up Baby
Bringing Up Baby


Keep babies out of the sun. Infants six months and younger should not be in the sun for very long. For older babies and young children, opt for shade, hats, and tightly woven fabric cover ups for sun protection.

Visit Skin Deep, the online cosmetic safety database, for information about the ingredient concerns of nearly 2,000 baby care products. A national survey conducted by the Environmental Working Group, which sponsors Skin Deep, has found that children are exposed to a daily average of 27 personal care product ingredients that have not been found safe for developing bodies. Keep in mind this database only considers ingredients disclosed by the manufacturer. Silent Spring lab tests found hidden risks in high-rated products.

Let your Congressional representative know you support the Safe Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Act of 2013. The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics offers an easy way to contact your representative about the act.

Lobby for truth in advertising. Visit The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics website for additional ideas for getting involved.

In its Household Products Study, Silent Spring Institute researchers found that, of the alternative sunscreens tested, the product with the highest number of target chemicals was actually one marketed for babies and children.

This finding highlights the limitations of buying guides that must rely on label information provided by manufacturers.