dailyRx News - Which Chemicals Are in House Dust?

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November 27, 2012
By Tara Haelle

Flame retardant chemicals found in household dust in small homes study

Excerpt: Flame retardants were once commonly used in furniture. But the chemicals were phased out when researchers discovered they could contribute to health problems. So are they gone now?

Apparently not. Two of the chemicals were only phased out in 2004, and many products made before then could still have flame retardant chemicals in them.

A recent small study of house dust in 16 California homes found that half had 41 different flame retardants. Some of these chemicals are banned, and others are not.

You can reduce your exposure to these chemicals by regularly vacuuming and washing your hands.
"Vacuum your home regularly."

The study, led by Robin E. Dodson, of the Silent Spring Institute, looked at how common flame retardants were in homes in 2006 and 2011.